3 arrested in death of Ontario 4-year-old girl who allegedly swallowed drugs while playing with them

Three Ottawa, Ont., teenagers were charged Saturday in the death of a 4-year-old girl who ingested drugs in 2016.

Miranda Sanko, then 2, had been playing with the drugs at her mother’s home last April when she passed out, authorities say. Police then found methadone, heroin and a marijuana oil product in the child’s body. According to the CBC, police stated that this would normally be put in a boot.

Miranda was rushed to the hospital and died four days later.

After Miranda’s death, police concluded that a 4-year-old child was the likely cause of death.

A judge on Saturday, May 25, ordered charges be filed against Gean McGrath, 18, Timothy Clarke, 16, and Michele Clairs, then 15.

The Toronto Star reports that McGrath and Clarke were charged with endangering the life of a child, while Clairs was charged with uttering threats.

A news release states that the case is not related to the illicit drug bust that took place during a Kingston Police SWAT drug raid earlier this month.

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