Body found in Pike River mine as rescue operation goes on for a week


Forensic officers at the PTI mine (Picture: Handout/AFP/Getty Images)

A BODY has been found in the Pike River mine in New Zealand one week after a methane explosion killed 29 men.

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The body is believed to belong to 29-year-old Brenton Tarrant, who previously appeared on Channel 4 television’s Jonathan Ross Show.

Mr Tarrant had pulled down the last sign of life at the mine on Tuesday evening and while no one else has been pulled out of the wreckage, a body was found near his in a ‘safe zone’.

Five tons of concrete and gravel have been dropped into the mine as an apparent exit into the tunnel, according to Australian media.

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Brenton Tarrant on his Channel 4 television show (Picture: Channel 4)

A major search operation went on for a week (Picture: Reuters)

Pike River Coal Limited spokeswoman Meg McDonald confirmed the discovery, saying: ‘There has been an advance in the advance on the side of the mine, which has brought us closer to what our ultimate goal is – the safe rescue of the remaining missing men.’

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Forty-five people were inside the mine in the small West Coast town of Greymouth on 23 November when a methane explosion caused the roof to cave in.

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