Ford Blows Up Ford Nation’s Plan to Slash Hydro Bills

When Ford joined a crowd in Windsor, Ont., in December to sign his Progressive Conservative Party’s pink sheet of motions, including giving serious consideration to the budget’s child-care bill, he also promised to negotiate the figures in that legislation.

Now the numbers are known. Based on numbers the province released on Wednesday, the province would expect to spend $11.3 billion per year on child care up to 2028 under the proposed legislation. Ford, who has since met several times with Wynne, left the provincial legislature to appear before Ford Nation candidates at an event in Toronto, telling reporters, “We’re still working out the numbers and it’s taking a little longer than we thought.”

Ford’s ideas for cutting hydro rates by 20 percent, cutting payroll taxes and lowering energy bills are part of the Liberal party’s throne speech and were not part of the budget deal. Ford’s Conservative Party’s plan to cut hydro rates will need a Liberal government willing to sit down and negotiate rates.

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