Georgia police officer testifies that ‘he just f–king killed somebody!’

(CNN) – A Georgia police officer on Friday testified that Travis McMichael told him, after fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery, “I just f–king killed somebody!'”

Arbery’s death in November 2017 followed a traffic stop that became violent. The State of Georgia has charged McMichael with murder in the death.

McMichael, 31, is accused of killing the 25-year-old during a confrontation. He has also been charged with attempted murder in the attempted shooting of his brother during the incident. Travis McMichael’s brother, Michael McMichael, has pleaded not guilty to charges of false imprisonment and aggravated assault.

The McMichael brothers ran errands before they were stopped, CNN affiliate WSB-TV reported. From their car, Travis McMichael allegedly opened fire on police, shooting at officer Sean Andrews and then shooting and killing Ahmaud Arbery.

Police responded to the shooting with gunfire and were able to chase McMichael to the local YMCA, where he was shot, the station reported.

The incident occurred as Georgia’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law was in effect.

A grand jury in Georgia did not indict McMichael for Arbery’s death in March 2018, and a judge ruled that prosecutors had insufficient evidence to charge him with attempted murder, two weeks later. Prosecutors then filed charges against McMichael, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

During an exchange with prosecutors, McMichael denied having shot at Andrews, according to WSB-TV.

“No,” McMichael replied. “I fired shots in an apparent act of self-defense.”

Andrews testified Friday, when McMichael’s lawyer questioned him. When McMichael “said, ‘I just f–king killed somebody!’ … Andrews said, ‘That’s kind of odd for someone who killed someone.'”

“McMichael said, ‘That’s kind of odd for someone who killed someone,'” the officer recalled.

The McMichael brothers were seen dragging Arbery’s body from the car after the shooting, WSB-TV reported. The driver told investigators that Arbery grabbed McMichael’s gun during the stop. Prosecutors have also accused the brothers of pointing the gun at police when they attempted to take their gun.

Prosecutors have also alleged that McMichael lied about a previous incident, when he said he was pulled over in Alabama. McMichael said Arbery had yelled, “They hate you!” while a dozen African American men were robbing the car.

McMichael faces life in prison if convicted.

CNN reached out to McMichael’s lawyers for comment.

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