How many fake passports exist in the UK?

By Pepijn Bergsen, BBC News

So said a survey recently that found China was the most popular country for fake passports. At least 22 people from one village in Casablanca have been convicted for obtaining fake European passports in a bid to stay in Britain, according to Moroccan news reports. In 2009, the BBC Look East programme on the BBC North East previously revealed the methods used by some criminals to obtain the “fakes”. Cameroon is mentioned as the country where most people hold British passports on our survey This article is part of a series which examines the operation of the criminal underworld in the towns, cities and villages in northeast England. Revisit the BBC Look East programme

Our online survey also asked people to nominate the three countries which provide the most elaborate, elaborate and interesting camouflage for deception. We asked people to vote for their favourite three possible countries. In the pictures below, we graph the results of this survey in these places. The study is based on how long it takes to buy a fake passport at the border – so it doesn’t take into account how long the person still has to wait for the passport.

Mr Ahmed Rasoul says

The numbers reflect that immigration officials and the general public are very confused about these passports. Calais is a gateway for migrants and the place they go, then disappear, is known by many.

Spy satellites do a better job

We’ve talked about these fake passports before, but this was the first time we looked into how many fake passports there were. As you can see, every year we get a million people entering the UK. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who travel from Africa or the Middle East and have fake European passports, and there’s a lot of money in it. Of course, for a civilised country like the UK, we’re not comfortable with people taking fake passports.

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