How to get your groove back at your desk

(FoxNews) Finding a way to meditate can be challenging, especially as we grow up. In Europe and Asia, yoga and meditation have been around for thousands of years, although Western society has been slower to embrace such practices. Yet, there have been benefits to a regular daily routine.

As we mature and develop, most of us begin to gain weight. Medical experts have hypothesized that this happens as we get older, as we release or hoard stress hormones that can result in over-eating. Some antidepressants can reduce levels of these hormones, but they may not work as well as we might hope, says Dr. Katrena Hammer, founder of the University of Central Florida’s Meditation Clinic.

But if you are overweight, there are ways to relieve yourself from this tension and anxiety without getting hooked on medication. The key is in setting an intention.

For example, if you are prone to overeating when you are stressed, try a different place each day. Sign up for a yoga class, go for a walk with your dog, get a fresh fruit bowl. Exercise, simply going about your day with a mindful mindset can help you deal with stress at the root.

“Meditation techniques can help you recognize the mind’s excess thought patterns and when you place these patterns in a mindful mindset, you can begin to normalize your mental state,” Hammer said.

Much of the health benefits of yoga and meditation are from the mind-body connection. Here are some specific ways that you can practice:

Laugh and Breathe

Humor has been shown to distract from certain situations. The authors of “The Catechism of Psychotherapy” recommend that we find humor in just about everything.

Call your mom

Asking your mom for a ride can free up your thinking and get you out of your head. It can be easy to lose focus and struggle when you are focused on just one thing.

And, finally, before you leave for work, the authors suggest having your boss call the office saying “it’s been a while, can I see you?” Instead of scheduling in a meeting when you are on vacation, have your boss schedule a phone call. It’s just another way to keep your attention where it belongs.

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