How to get your ski lift tickets early and spend your money elsewhere

Winter season is coming in more ways than one. Have you not started your ski lift tickets yet? If you are a patient racer or seasoned skier, it is definitely worth getting hold of them as soon as possible.

In my opinion, there are two solutions for the waiting customer in this situation. The first is to use a website such as, which means you don’t have to wait for any paper letters to arrive from the ski lift company. It will update you on the availability of your lift tickets and will let you know of any cheap-to-use lift tickets that might be out in the next couple of weeks.

The second option is to use a free telephone number such as which will let you book your ticket for as little as £1.50 per ticket. If you don’t fancy phone numbers, you can always pop into your local ski shop for help.

There are many other things you can do before buying your lift tickets. My eldest daughter-in-law works for a flight chartered company and she told me how important it is to buy full refund insurance for your ski holidays in advance. This should cover you for a problem such as a missing flight or change of plane.

She said, “Buying all this insurance is very simple as it can be purchased online. It is a little thing but it can make all the difference for you later on in your holiday”.

I have followed this advice myself. We usually choose a holiday only after we have finished clearing our bank accounts. This year, I saw an alternative way of saving money on our summer holiday. We decided to spend £700-£800 for our six-week holiday in the French Alps – but now can spend that money on activities for the kids.

My husband and I decided it would be a lot of fun to take my children skiing instead of flying to France and getting to know some chalets that were first class, if not a little bit tacky and not to my taste. We booked a 10-night family holiday in a chalet near Chamonix to avoid the traffic in the middle of the week.

Before you book, it is a good idea to plan your day plans and meals. I had to hire a top-of-the-range ski lift operator called Intro Paradis, in order to get the lifts to my chalet so it didn’t take ages. This is a big investment to pay-off, but it did save money on hire hire too.

I will give you the inspiration of what to do during a vacation. I have two top tips. First, enjoy what you have:

“We felt like the weekend was a day in which to enjoy our new surroundings. We have always wanted to go to the Pyrenees but never had the means until now. Hence, we had time to explore. We have always wanted to go skiing in the northern Alps but have never been prepared. Hence, we had time to explore. We are really enjoying the lifts, with whom I am really getting to know them. We really like the options we have to choose. And indeed, we are looking forward to a time when we have enough money to go skiing for weeks!” – Sarah, mother of two

“Unlike the last holiday, on holiday here I felt relaxed and rather at home. You’re never quite sure where you’re going to stop. If it’s a mountain, there’s always another one in the same direction. If it’s a village, there’s always a café or a shop.” – Natalie, mother of one

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