Loudoun County Public Schools to launch an ‘independent review’ of school rape policy


According to Loudoun County Public Schools officials, the Loudoun County School Board and the superintendent will launch an “independent review” of the school district’s sexual assault process. The “review” was announced Tuesday morning by Superintendent Dr. Paul Pedersen in an email to staff and parents.

The announcement of the “independent review” comes in the wake of the open records request for sexual assault related documents that Loudoun County Public Schools received through the Attorney General’s Office and a New York Times investigative series that highlighted disturbing systemic failures of student reporting, assessments, and system failures that lead to students’ suffering and reluctance to report.

A consultant is already investigating those failures. Chief Deputy Attorney General Nicole E. Davenport, who is leading the investigation, revealed that her office was conducting an “internal review” to determine whether the policies of the Loudoun County Public Schools “violate Virginia’s basic sex-crime statute, which protects against sexual assault.” On August 7, the Loudoun County School Board approved a one-time pay increase for Dr. Pedersen, a decision that is facing harsh backlash.

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