Nick Kyrgios tells questions about vaccinations during NY Open

A day after being questioned by a journalist at the New York Open on his health and fitness regimen, Nick Kyrgios found himself in the middle of a mini-debate at the United States Open, saying that he thought it would be a good idea for players not to have vaccines. “I personally have issues with some of the things that are said, that are being said now about some of the vaccines,” Kyrgios said. “Like, when you hear some of the stuff that they’re trying to get out there, like, how safe they are. To me, they’re risky things.”

It was a slippery message to send after Kyrgios’ appearance on the Flushing Meadows Court and in a clip by Piers Morgan on Facebook Live, the Australian star was criticized for pulling out of events and on-court antics with the aid of his bodyguard who may or may not have been vaccinated. “On your side of the court you are a prodigy — on the court you sit in the shade of a bodyguard who may or may not be vaccinated,” Morgan said in the video.

Kyrgios responded to the barrage, saying that he didn’t “think medical vaccination should be just based on who a player is.”

“It’s not, like, just for the players,” Kyrgios continued. “Like, you get a kid on the street that is infected, he gets a vaccination. You don’t just tell him that he can’t get vaccinated, you get him a vaccine. I’m not saying you can’t get vaccinated. I’m just saying the risks are there and the side effects might be there, so I personally wouldn’t get vaccinated.”

It isn’t clear if Kyrgios was merely speculating that vaccinations — the kind given to people at sporting events — may be more of a health risk to children in particular. He gave an explanation for his position later on by pointing out that he has had health problems, like a hip condition, related to his decision to be unvaccinated.

“I’ve had, like, chicken pox from a bad vaccination,” Kyrgios said. “I don’t want that for my kids, I want their shots to be right, because that can be bad for them, for their health.”

The Australian star added that he “almost can’t function on the tour and I’m not getting help for it … like, if I didn’t have the hip injury, I’d probably be on the practice court, getting shots.”

His remarks did not go over well with some, although he held his ground in regards to his reservations on vaccinations. “There’s the wrong side of the argument on it,” Kyrgios said. “I just think they need to explain [vaccines] better.”

Watch the exchange below.


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