Pacquiao: “I’ll Jail My Former Allies If I Win Election”

In a wide-ranging interview with FOX News Radio’s Kevin Corke and Jon Scott, Manny Pacquiao discussed his candidacy for the Philippine presidency. The southpaw says he will not go along with the policies of the current government.

“I have my differences with the present government but they have the freedom to do what they like but I will not do it as a politician. I cannot accept what they do in the government. I cannot accept and support for them because I have my issues with their policies and things that they do, especially if you break the laws and they break your trust. So, I have to take some sort of action against them.”

Pacquiao faces Sen. Elizabeth Espinel (Incumbent) in May 9th election. He says he will jail his former allies if he wins.

“What you (candidate) just said is right but it can become worse because I will give you jail because of your actions that you have committed in the past and things that you are doing and I have some experiences myself when I was in there and that’s what I will do against you.”

Pacquiao says he wants to give the country more jobs in the first year of his presidency.

He knows he’s got work to do. In a poll released this week, the incumbent said he leads the competition with 33 percent, Pacquiao follows with 23 percent while political newcomer and two-time boxing world champion, Jessie Vargas, has 13 percent.

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