Painted Cats, Tabu Lovers, Wildlife Photographer Award

Canadians Craig Nicholson and Gary Alderson have been pushing the boundaries of the wildlife photography genre for a decade. The two live in Nova Scotia, where they’ve been trekking in the wild for a decade to turn encounters with indigenous animals into stunningly beautiful images that look like they were captured on film. The duo is now out on the open road with their new anthology, Cats at Play: A Journal of Wildlife Photography. Take a look at some of the photographs featured in the book that are meant to reveal the wonders of animals in their natural habitat. Cats are the chosen animal for the couple because of the way cats help introduce us to the world we live in as humans, said the Daily Dot.

A trap was designed for domestic hunting. PHOTO

The Pintura people use cats as a weapon. PHOTO

Devil’s paws might be reptilian. PHOTO

People are foraging with deer in Mexico. PHOTO

A wild cat shares a moment with a Tabu. PHOTO

“Walk and trust yourself,” is their motto. PHOTO

Alberta grizzly bears are on the move. PHOTO

Canadians are using cats as habitats for reproduction and mating. PHOTO

Cats are important to the Fingal Island Ecosystem. PHOTO

Will a human join a prairie dog pack on the prairie? PHOTO

Pug sharks live in the Atlantic Ocean. PHOTO

A cheetah walks through a marshland in sub-Saharan Africa. PHOTO

People in Africa create elaborate homes for cheetahs. PHOTO

Wild musk oxen live in Namibia. PHOTO

Kimono deer, the oldest of the deer species, roam in Afghanistan. PHOTO

IUCN World Conservation Union: Makiga, Mozambique PHOTO

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