Pete Davidson claims he and Kim Kardashian met a month ago

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Rumours of a relationship between Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian surfaced last week, and Davidson later shared a photo of himself and Kardashian sharing a meal.

But apparently this isn’t the first time the two have met, as Davidson claims in a new interview with Howard Stern that he had dinner with Kardashian about a month prior.

“Kim and I are friends, and I actually actually just met her a month ago,” Davidson told Stern on Tuesday. “The dinner was a few weeks ago. I was in LA working, but I went to dinner with her. We had a really nice time.”

He continued, “It wasn’t out of the blue or anything. She was a really nice person… I’m a little sober so I wasn’t excited about [the rumors of a dating relationship]. But I didn’t get too into it. I was like, ‘Whoa, if you’re dating Kim Kardashian, then you’re actually kind of famous, so it would have to be genuine. She didn’t really say anything, so we just had a nice conversation.”

So what exactly is the significance of the photo? Davidson says he likes to do things his own way and taken the photo as it “looked cool.”

“They just take pics with celebrities all the time,” Davidson says. “I like to not be the one to be like, ‘Put us in a pic with Kanye.’ I actually took the pic. I did the sit-in. I was like, ‘All right, what do you want in there?'”

Davidson and Kardashian appear to be friends on social media and seem to be both extremely happy with their respective single status.

Davidson has a dating app for fans called “Boe,” but told Stern that he mostly gets attention when he’s seen with Kardashian.

“I always like to have a girl close by,” Davidson said. “The girls like seeing her, the people in LA. That’s where the fans are.”

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