Police officer accused of stealing from Rite Aid store in San Francisco

San Francisco Police department has confirmed that an officer has been arrested on suspicion of robbery in connection with a suspected Rite Aid store theft.

The officer, 31-year-old Officer Alfred Charles Espitia, was arrested after the incident which allegedly took place on Wednesday morning.

The police chief, Bill Scott, said in a press conference on Thursday: “This officer displayed a type of bravado, displayed a lack of composure, and displayed a lack of judgment … We as human beings have choices that we make … we live in a society where people make poor choices.”

During the press conference, Scott said he is disappointed and sad about the allegations that Espitia has been charged.

The San Francisco police department is investigating the officer and have not concluded that Espitia was acting alone in this incident. He said that after considering all of the evidence, officers concluded that Espitia could have committed the crime. “If not for the actions of the suspect, we would not be here today,” he said.

Police said they arrested the suspect at the scene of the robbery while he was attempting to escape in a taxi. Police reportedly used a replica pellet gun to open the taxi.

Two other suspects have been arrested in connection with the alleged crime, but their charges have not been made public.

On Thursday, following an anonymous tip, police said they began investigating Espitia’s possible involvement in the crime.

Scott said that the suspects in this case “chose to sell drugs to an undercover officer” and face multiple felony charges.

Scott said that it is likely that there will be more arrests as the investigation continues.

Espitia has been suspended and will undergo evaluation in the San Francisco police department’s psychological-reasoning program.

Espitia, who has been with the department for five years, is a five-year combat veteran, Scott said.

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