Road-closures warning: a look at the mudslide and detour

Ten key parts of the A303 are closed after a landslide

Roadworks on the A303 have been suspended and reopened by Highways England. You can follow developments here.

The stretch of road through eastern Devon and Somerset was closed after a landslide damaged the A303, which leads to London’s Waterloo Bridge, and swept mud and debris into oncoming traffic.

The westbound carriageway was partially closed yesterday due to concern that the landslide would trigger a larger collapse.

National Grid has cut off electricity to the area, causing major disruption and long delays across the South West.

The detour is changing cars’ routes every day

A landslip, which collapsed part of a drainage culvert under the A303 close to Blythwood, has re-opened the section of road through the town of Newton Abbot.

The road had been closed since Wednesday when a water main ruptured. A social media campaign to raise funds for repairs was started by local residents, who shared pictures of the damage on social media.

Investigations into the cause of the water main break have been ongoing for more than 24 hours. The sinkhole itself, which can be seen on Google Maps, has remained unoccupied, with police stationed close to it. An evacuation order was also in place for 10 properties in the area affected by the water main break, but all have since been evacuated.

The road between Dinley and Burley, near Honiton, has been closed in both directions.

A spokesperson for Highways England said today: “Following the completion of repair works overnight, Westbound A303 traffic has been moved to: The M8, via Bishop’s Stortford and Haywards Heath; and the M27, to the north and south (accesses from junction 23). The eastbound traffic has been diverted via the M5 and M25.

“We apologise for the road closures which may cause disruption on these roads. Travellers should follow Road Closures and Traffic Advisory on Highways England’s Twitter or @HISevereadLane Twitter feed, and #A303A31 and #A303R18Twitter feeds.”

The breakdown of brickwork in The Bridge, Blythwood. PHOTO: POSTCARD PHOTOGRAPHY / DROGA PROJECT/GETTY IMAGES.

Bad Blythwood road surface has been patched

Engineers have carried out urgent repairs to a section of wall in The Bridge, Blythwood, which collapsed on Thursday.

It’s unknown what caused the wall to fail, but the cause appears to have been caused by salts on the surface of the road causing it to crack.

A Highways England spokesperson said: “We can confirm that works to repair cracked bricks, have been completed after a major failure in the ground caused by the salt.

The wall was repaired overnight and today commuters can use the A3090 detour from junction 24.

Meldrew Gardens is filled with potholes after this one collapsed earlier this month. PHOTO: KATE NILES / NATIONAL.CO.UK.

Radiations are closing Blythwood Road

Highways England has warned that Radiations, whose main road is Blythwood Road, will be closed for a “vital” work for an “indefinite period”.

The charity Radiological Services, which supports people receiving radiotherapy treatment, fears there may be significant delays to radiotherapy services across the South West due to the closure.

Engineers have spent the morning repairing damage to the road and are currently making remedial repairs.

“This work will see Radiations have to restrict the number of patients coming through their door as it gives very little space on the asphalt surface between the road and the pavement,” the spokesperson said.

“Radiations will keep patients posted of any updates.”

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