Scott Baio, A Candidate For The 2020 GOP Presidential Nomination.

Scott Baio, a candidate for the 2020 GOP presidential nomination. – “Your fate is in the hands of the 20 million Americans who are in poverty. They are the ones who will decide whether you have the privilege to lead them into the future.

Is it time to abandon our GOP?

Scott Baio. – “In an interview on FBN’s ‘Just Ask America’ with Anna Kooiman on Friday, Baio, a presidential hopeful, shared that he was disappointed the Republican Party is unlikely to unite behind a single standard bearer for the 2020 race.

Baio was asked why the Republican Party would be unable to unite around a clear leader. The actor said, “Well, it’s a long-winded answer, but I don’t think leadership really applies here. I think you want to identify a candidate that has the ability to appeal to middle-of-the-road voters and a good understanding of the issues…The most powerful person on Earth – you know, I mentioned that yesterday – and frankly, it could very well be the most powerful person in the world. Who knows who this person is. I mean, Donald Trump could still drop out tomorrow and we would have a new president come in. We don’t know who this person is.”

Yet Baio did single out President Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton as the only people who “have the attention span to unite the party”.

“We’re not going to win unless we have a party that has a heartbeat. You’ve got to have a unity within the party. The people in the party who don’t like Donald Trump – and I don’t know what their problem is. We don’t understand their ‘problem’ either. We saw Barack Obama change his position 10 different times on just a single subject and as President,” Baio said.

With this quote in mind, Scott Baio comes off as a pretty bizarre and rather non-prescient politician. Not only is Baio off-base in that he doesn’t understand President Trump’s position on every single important issue, Baio probably doesn’t understand anything. Baio clearly doesn’t understand the history of modern leadership in the United States of America because he isn’t familiar with any.

Clearly Baio just hasn’t been paying attention in public school social studies class or is just completely ignorant to contemporary leadership in America. It’s an ugly fact of our country’s transition away from leadership by the Great Society. The Great Society ran from 1965 to 1971 and the United States Government fell into debt and ruined the economy while it flailed around looking for a leader – a liberal leader. After President Nixon, liberalism was left to develop its radical ideas and practices on the backs of everyday Americans and families. That was when the GOP took off.

You see, the Republicans in the 1950s and 1960s essentially formed a founding class, a small group of people who established the rules of engagement by which the American people live. In other words, a political class. So, for the first half of American history the GOP is responsible for the GOP. But now with the rise of liberalism, the GOP is responsible for liberalism.

To fail to understand the historical development of American leadership would be to live in a fantasy world. The GOP, unlike the Democratic Party, has spent most of the 20th century establishing the rules of engagement through which the American people live and look to America as their model of government. So, if Baio doesn’t understand that, how can he possibly lead the nation? What philosophy is he? Is he a Marxist or a Leninist? Is he a Conservative or a Federalist? I don’t know. This latest Baio interview has not yet been edited out of any of my libraries. I still have it on my office laptop (NOT as a condition of employment, of course).

President Trump, if you ever have a chance to comment on this interview, please do so. Scott Baio needs to be straightened out. He’s a walking historical document.

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