Sphero’s Spider-Man toy forgoes traditional superhero garb for an all-out villain adventure

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“I want to know why Spider-Man isn’t Spider-Man,” says Tom Holland’s superhero, firmly in the villain role of Venom.

This is how Sphero’s new Spider-Man toy is being described, and in a good way. The augmented reality figures, with their pen-like LEDs and interwebbing, become completely customizable with additional accessories (or spindly, Lego-style “hamsters” if you prefer). A new version of the toy lets you pose your Sphero as the central villain.

Yes, Sphero’s latest superhero is going to be part Batman, part The Joker, part Bruce Lee.

And Peter Parker ain’t no good at dealing with villains either. Why is Marvel’s golden boy making a crusade of hanging up his spider-skin suit in favour of a “spookbuster” costume? A bunch of wimpy, kind-of Hulk-looking black masks, that’s why.

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“Spidey” isn’t the only one at risk, as villain/mechanic Eddie Brock leaves the virtual world behind to face-off with the rest of the iconic villains we’ve met so far in the “Spider-Man” series: Spider-Man Noir, Electro, Rhino, The Vulture and Molten Man. (Just play around with the cross-property attack options on Sphero’s collection site.)

Watch as Peter Parker leads the way to safety in Sphero’s Spider-Man super hero:

But don’t fret, Peter — Spider-Man can shake off any kind of trouble.

In Sphero’s Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer released Thursday, Peter dives headfirst into cutting-edge technology and hilariously painful action, all while attempting to defend himself from threats hidden all around him.

The new animatronic figure is part of an all-new Spider-Man videogame, also released Thursday, which will coincide with the movie’s release on 7 July.

Sphero, in partnership with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, also released a new Spider-Man: Noir figure, which looks like the superhero’s version of a Mini Coopers.

Curious to know what all the fuss is about? Sphero’s new Lego Sphero Spider-Man figures, Lego Spider-Man and even Spider-Man Go Sphero are now available for preorder on Sphero’s website. The official Spider-Man Super Hero: No Way Home launch date is 20 June.

Originally published 14 February.

Update, 16:16 GMT: Added Spider-Man Noir figure.

Update, 24 Feb: Updated to reflect new playable Sphero Hero figures and Spider-Man movie release date.

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