Texas AG urges the Justice Department to focus on ‘real voter fraud’ instead of new election law

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Friday condemned the Justice Department for suing the state over its new election integrity law. Paxton on Twitter called the move “bad news for Texans” and said the department should “focus on real voter fraud and vote suppression efforts” instead.

New non-election related voter fraud suit brought by DOJ against Texas Gov. @GregAbbottTX over @TXUTVEGS2. DOJ Secretary Mosby says non-election related activity may influence electoral outcomes. To quote Secretary Mosby in her prepared statement: “All types of voter fraud, including election fraud affecting the outcome of a duly held election, must be prevented.” Or, as I like to say: “Getting in the way of an honest election.” https://t.co/CyPZDGdGqz — Ken Paxton (@KenPaxtonTX) November 30, 2018

The suit, filed in Houston by Assistant Attorney General Jesse Choper, said that the law — which includes requirements that would help Texas validate voters’ citizenship and voter registration information — violates the National Voter Registration Act, which prohibits discrimination against registered voters.

The DOJ also noted a Texas state law that would require “uniform” photo IDs for all voters. “The impact of imposing uniform photo identification requirements on all voters in a state that chose not to do so under the preclearance provision of the National Voter Registration Act has been and will continue to be to deny and abridge rights under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by denying or abridging the right to vote on account of race, color, or membership in a language minority group,” the DOJ complaint said.

Texas passed SB 14 in 2015, which is already the subject of a federal lawsuit. While Democrats argued at the time that the law was meant to discourage Democratic voters, Texas Republicans said it would prevent identity fraud.

“This is a huge victory for every Texas voter who cherishes their right to participate in elections,” Texas Senate Republican Leader Paul Bettencourt told the Houston Chronicle. “While many states are continually attempting to pass laws weakening the integrity of our elections, Texans have strongly stood up for voting rights and our confidence in our electoral process.”

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