The CNN Heroes campaign: how it works


CNN/bloggerManu Gonthier by CNN International

You’re facing off against a skilled dog. You’re perched on a patch of grass before a hill. You’re one of the good guys vs. the bad guys, with just a few seconds to save the day.

This scenario would be familiar to just about anyone in a fast-paced 24-hour news cycle. Except now, it’s happening in the name of science.

Time Out’s Vote For Your Favorite Top 10 CNN Hero series has some of the world’s most dedicated heroes in a competition to win $25,000 (more than £18,000) and 10 days of downtime.

The vote ends at 8:00 p.m. GMT on 7 February. And the winner will be named and announced later this month.

Check out the profiles of the 10 finalists below:

Eat Pretty

Eat Pretty’s aim is to save the health and feed the family food that isn’t out of reach for the poor, the hungry and the homeless.

Banh Myo

Banh Myo is a low-cost livestock institution that provides animals for poor farmers.

Double the action. Better the life.

Five brothers from Canton, Cambodia, are making a difference.

Hors d’oeuvres

Hors d’oeuvres runs school for homeless girls, improving their education, building their self-esteem and making them feel valued.

Home for Hearing-Challenged Children

Home for Hearing-Challenged Children gives speech and hearing treatment to the world’s neediest children.

Girls-led and -resourced village team helps young women from war-torn countries

Guardian Angel

Green Team – Sentinel for a Better Future. Sentinel or Guardian Angel — Who can you help? The answer is simple: Guardian Angels.

Fresh grapes can be a health risk. There’s still hope for farmers in Morocco.

Kids to Wealth – Families make the gap between dreams and reality narrow

Kilowatt Guild

Kilowatt Guild’s mission is to reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental impact on their region.

Lighting Gateway

Lighting Gateway has developed a digital platform and training for local small businesses that reduce energy costs.

Manpower Agency

Manpower Agency needs a night shift helper to train a young Afghan to become a nurse.

Nuclear Patient Safety Initiative

The Nuclear Patient Safety Initiative is helping families of nuclear patients have more control over the care they receive.

Take It Back!

A fishing club inspired by young people’s desire to stop slavery.

Ridge, a homeless shelter in California, provides short-term living for people who have been displaced.

Top Ten Kokesh

The kids of Top Ten Kokesh are doing wonders in a wide range of educational and community programs.

The Compassion Initiative

The Compassion Initiative founded by Sister Rita Desmond is helping restore Christian values, providing individuals with the structure and personal accountability needed to help them develop a new moral compass.

World Beaters

The World Beaters have come together in the fight to end modern slavery, anti-government sentiment and environmental destruction.

Waiting for our world to receive our message.

The Humanitarian Crowdfunding Portal

The organizers of the humanitarian crowdfunding portal have launched a crowdfunding effort on End Aids to help Liberia achieve the Millennium Development Goal of a 90% reduction in TB cases over 10 years.

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