The Faces of Mothers: One Day, One Year, One Side of Mother’s Brain

CNN Business decided to reflect on the victims and survivors of the pandemic in a series of portraits commissioned by CNN. Together with photo agencies and close to 40 different imaging companies, we committed to providing a platform for those who felt strongly about getting people talking about how mother’s have borne the burden of the pandemic.

Following the Infectious Disease Journal’s 2016 “Mother’s” issue, CNN commissioned The Faces of Mothers to reflect on how mother’s have borne the burden of the pandemic in the United States since 2003.

Mothers are often viewed as the unsung heroes of any society, whose presence is often unacknowledged, ignored, or seen as irrelevant. Sometimes, they bear the burden that no one is ready to talk about. In this series, those who have confronted the physical and psychological perils that come with being a mother bear their experiences and make the case that people may not fully understand.

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