The woman who does the makeup and building blocks of your beauty look

Boy, I got way too many JC Penney emails today. What should I buy?

I asked for expert help from Erin McDonough, Editor of Beautyblender, the woman who does the makeup and the building blocks of your beauty look.

What is she shopping for?

Erin was shopping for jeans. No, the jeans! Each of us can shop our online wish lists and get the exact thing we want, but denim is different. We are looking at the first set of jeans we are going to be wearing out of the box. We are looking at what we have and need to buy to improve our jeans wardrobe.

It’s important to recognize that regular jeans will change in style. You don’t want to purchase the same denim in every color that you have at home but we also don’t want to get too generic.

Will I need to wash them?

Always wash your jeans daily. Your jeans are important to yourself and your comfort level so they need to look good. They need to feel right because they are going to be with you for so long. Besides, if you wash them out of season you could get a stain. The other reason why we should always wash our jeans is for air conditioning. You want to keep them nice and dry and fresh.


See point #1, 10. The jean is a very important piece of clothing. In order to be healthy, happy and good at whatever you do, you have to feel good about how you look.

Erin works every day at Beautyblender doing the job that she loves and she is able to keep her jeans cool, crisp and on point. In addition to the daily wash, Erin swears by Beautyblender.

Have you tried a Beautyblender?

Erin swears by Beautyblender the best! The intranet is full of their tips on how to work this product into your routine. If you need inspiration, the everyday girl version of Erin was swopping her makeup to try Beautyblender at home. You won’t want to go back to a traditional dry brush or sponge because it will help to prime your skin and removes dirt and makeup that clogs your pores. It can do that same job on a smaller scale. You can find Beautyblender online at

If you have extra time, check out the tutorial below!

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