US launches fresh airstrike in Afghanistan targeting ISIS-K

Details: According to the terror experts, the ISIS-K organization has affiliates across the country, but is strongest in Ghazni province, where the majority of the past day’s attacks occurred.

The U.S. has launched a new air campaign against ISIS-K targeting the militant group’s power centers and the commanders that support the “foreign fighters” that have infiltrated the country, AP reports.

The U.S. wants to “limit [ISIS] and particularly those [fighters] who are foreign fighters and other forces to the safe havens in Pakistan,” Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie told reporters on Friday. “And that’s the predominant focus.”

However, local media, citing the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs, reports that “the attacks against Kabul’s security establishment are planned and carried out by Afghan Taliban Islamic Movement.”

Analysis: There are no estimates of the number of ISIS-K fighters currently in Afghanistan, but the foreign fighters that have surfaced in the country represent less than 10 percent of the overall insurgency.

What’s next: While the U.S. plan would have been better accomplished if it focused exclusively on Taliban fighters, the U.S. war will likely worsen in coming years and the fighting will bleed further into Afghan communities, Julianne Smith writes for The Council on Foreign Relations.

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