You Have To See How It Was With Jamie Bell in ‘Ex Machina’

The best thing we got to see in “Ex Machina” is the parkour-like ways of Jamie Bell, who performed a scene with his wife from the computer that housed Ava, the artificial intelligence Ava was modeling for. Bell uses his unhinged performance to really put us in the mindset of the character he’s playing, including, of course, some NSFW action. In “Ex Machina,” Co-star Alicia Vikander plays the latest cute girl in an indie flick that the system ends up thinking it can control. Now Vikander has to deal with public scorn for an even worse scene from a 2015 movie.

Ever since Spanish daily newspaper El Pais published a piece on the movie’s plot last week, criticism of Vikander’s seemingly seductive scenes has been growing. The paper doesn’t have anything against the novel notion of the movie’s action, but the scenes themselves aren’t exactly subtle, according to the TV show Aquiar. The aforementioned scene involves a woman falling prey to an alleged billionaire and Vikander’s character, Vikander’s character in the movie, chasing the woman off a beach and into the surf.

“Today the manner in which Jamie Bell’s character, the CEO, takes that woman and doesn’t care whether she is alive or dead – or whether or not she gives birth to a baby, which they kill – can be seen as very sadistic,” wrote El Pais’s Angel Gonzales in the article. “But what would make this an even more tragic story is the fact that behind that, on a deserted beach, something very strange happens. There is… pure prostitution… An illegal sex act with a pregnant woman happens, which, because it was filmed as a soft-core sex scene, has been classified as an ‘indecent act.’”

The scene has since been taken out of the film and El Pais is calling it the “carnal memory of summer 2015.” “It’s about time it disappeared,” they write. The scene is being “drilled down” and there will be “no more women like Alicia Vikander kissing an orangutan to give films more sexiness and viewers more pleasure” until its erased.

The entire scene is weird enough, especially since all “exact situations” of the scene had been screened ahead of time for the actress. As director Alex Garland said on Twitter, the scene is meant to be humorous and unapologetic.

The moment of “perversity” is intended to be absurd, and we depicted that precisely. That’s why it’s not absurd to cut it out. — Alex Garland (@AlexGarland) February 10, 2016

However it is hard to watch a woman walk on the beach from her motherland and think that’s not messed up. More sadism and misogyny in the editing room is the answer. — Alex Garland (@AlexGarland) February 10, 2016

But the angry feminists haven’t seemed to care about the first woman who took a job running a hedge fund somewhere around the time Britney Spears had a baby. Not on their side, that’s for sure.

Go on; make your point. Take my side. — Alex Garland (@AlexGarland) February 10, 2016

The whole thing is a reflection of the way Spanish society is. Those callous people who have watched it nine times since December and haven’t even noticed it’s possible to f*ck someone up.

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