Live-Action ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ Movie Looks Unintentionally Terrifying

Let’s just hope Clifford isn’t the kind of dog that needs his glands expressed.

The trailer for “Clifford the Big Red Dog” dropped on Tuesday, and Twitter users collectively responded like a shrieking squeaky toy because the trailer is inadvertently unnerving.

In the upcoming live-action remake — set to be released on Sept. 17 — of the beloved children’s book series and PBS animated show, the titular Clifford starts out as a regular old flaming red puppy (which appears to be inspired by a Labrador retriever pup). He grows in size based on his owner’s love for him and magical tears. Once Clifford is the size of, let’s say, a baby woolly mammoth, he wreaks havoc on New York City by plunging his owner into a wall with his tail; attempting to swallow a pug; and attacking a poor kid in a human bubble ball in a mistaken game of fetch.

And although some Twitter users griped because they thought Clifford should be the size of an adult woolly mammoth …

… most appropriately expressed their horror:

Hey, we suppose every generation needs its own dog-inspired nightmare material ― so enjoy, kiddos!

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