Croy Johan’s photographs reveal rarely seen urban Korea

Written by By: Lyanne Kessler, CNN Seoul, South Korea

Scaffolding hidden from view behind a South Korean tower blocks prevents pedestrians crossing the street.

A series of nine Urm, Lee and Baek interiors were photographed by photographer Croy Johan. Johan is part of a growing army of Korean photographers that have recently been documenting some of the nation’s starkest architectural sculptures.

“Urm, Lee and Baek are explained to be part of mass demolition of urban areas as they are usually located within most cities,” Johan wrote in an email. “The transportation department demolishes the structures shortly after completion … Apparently, these kinds of structures have a special place in this society.”

Calling the black slate floors of the Urm, Lee and Baek’s ornaments “an important part of cultural heritage,” Johan also found the buildings’ shapes, colors and shapes historically significant.

“I really find Urm, Lee and Baek really interesting because each artist created their own architectural style.”

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