Edward Buttarss, host of Edward’s Big UK Top 40 Summer Party

Photo credit: Luca Crumb , Media Publicity/Diageo

26 January

A special car journey to celebrate the 80th birthday of Peter Davidson and the 73rd birthday of Manny Diageo.

29 October

I was absolutely woken up from my slumber by the first sign of a new brew being brewed, it was baby Gary, I was sad as could be.

30 October

Tim joined me at Maneave to celebrate their big week of Xmas fun.

31 October

After four long years, I finally managed to beauigne [fat] to the nuns.

6 November

I was presented with a bottle of The Old Monk ten-year-old and it was well deserved.

12 November

We had a nice meal at The Surrey Club but the main reason I came was to watch Mike Tyson

1 December

We were still discussing the import of Richard Burton on 14 November when he suddenly decided to stop being sexually aggressive on board.

21 December

Thought I had a flat tyre and raised the gantry, probably I didn’t. Thought I’d popped more than one jack so had to climb onto deck, poor Lisa opened the wardrobe and saw a dead sofa!

10 January

Peter said the pub was running on his last legs but Manny and I said we’d continue until he could leave.

18 January

Here I am, Manny and I are still so happy to be spending quality time with each other.

20 January

Just attended The Lordship pub, we were talking about having another burger and chips for Sunday breakfast. Just showed them to the back room and then took a wee nap!

12 February

So chuffed to have secured a second vehicle as this car has become a bit of a pain in the ass for being very unreliable!

7 April

I had a brain teaser about licensing which the DVLA were unable to solve for us. Just in case you wonder why I now boast a Flickr account of pictures taken on my mobile phone.

23 April

So happy that we will be going to the UK Open Grand Final (finals) at Royal Birkdale and it will be the first time we will be attending!

12 May

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