Paul Gosar says he received apology from Kevin McCarthy about tweet getting him booted from staff

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) revealed Monday night that he received a call from Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) about a tweet that had gotten the lawmaker kicked off his own staff.

McCarthy, who formerly served as House majority whip and had chaired the Republican Study Committee, had been the first to push House Republicans to boot Gosar, who currently serves as the member from Arizona’s 1st District. The lawmaker, who also opposes the Republican tax plan, had tweeted on Oct. 28 that the GOP tax plan “will make welfare more available” for the poor and that lower- and middle-class taxpayers “will have no choice” but to “guzzle down a get-rich-quick scheme from businesses like Enron and Enron front companies.” He later deleted the tweet.

After Republicans ousted Gosar from his own staff, McCarthy tweeted on Sunday, “I had a discussion with @RepGosar about the egregious tweets on welfare of the poor which he now believes were ‘false.’ We will move on. #TaxScamBill”

On Monday, Gosar said in a Facebook post that he received the call from McCarthy, who has since re-established contact with Gosar and has helped him obtain new staff.

“Once the RSC endorsed in favor of @congressedidman the idea that we should replace @repgosar, @repgosar and the other 5 people that had rescinded the first RSC resolution to fire them, @KevinMcCarthy called. The bottom line is that when your political power was threatened, you were going to have a confrontation with me and I’m sorry for any embarrassment or harm that it was done to you,” Gosar wrote.

But while McCarthy made clear he had apologized to Gosar, the Arizona lawmaker said on Sunday that he was “not completely satisfied” with the apology. Gosar said that one of the congressmen on his staff, who was later dismissed, had recently posted a video of the lawmaker in which he can be heard saying: “They’ll do anything to destroy a life” in a reference to marijuana.

Gosar did not elaborate on his plan to continue to have the contact with McCarthy.

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