Philippine president declares he is running for third term in 2022

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is prepared to run for a third term in 2022, he told reporters on Thursday, adding that he would not “second-guess” the decision of his daughter, who is also running for the Senate. In a farcical turn of events that caused a stir on social media, Mr. Duterte said he would leave the decision about his daughter’s success in the contest to the Filipino people but added that he was “quite sure” she will win.

“You know, if she has a good chance and I know that I have good chances, then there is no reason of not running. If I have good chances, I will run,” he said. “But that has nothing to do with me. My family is sovereign, sovereign in every area.”

Mr. Duterte has placed second in two successive presidential elections, the latest being last year, when his reputation for bloodlust against the drug trade helped him win 47 percent of the vote in an increasingly polarized country. The president said he did not regret his three terms as mayor of Davao City and he thought his reputation as a tough law and order mayor might benefit him in the next race.

In a speech in the same city where he launched his presidency, the president also recounted the story of his mother, a staunch communist who converted to Christianity after Duterte took office and has since been allowed to attend church.

“My mother’s Communist beliefs gradually gave way to Christianity,” he said. “My mother also used to say that if you were a Communist you would see the leader of the country as an enemy. But I took a different approach.”

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