So, What Happened to Our T-Shirt?

Why is there a beeping button in the middle of my t-shirt? My wife thinks I’m lazy and I think she’s an idiot.

Oh, that’s a keeper. As our proud dads now chuckle, we have the T-shirt button glitch that went viral on the Internet earlier this week.

The warning button on the shirt was supposed to notify my wife, Kathy and me that it would take several minutes for our cargo, the Martin iRadiX, to be transported by express delivery.

But we both started having some problems with the beeping, the package couldn’t arrive on time and basically we couldn’t wait for it to be delivered. So, we asked the T-shirt manufacturer to speed up the process.

In their response, they wrote:

“Please be advised that the Express delivery time is to be determined by the USPS, not us. All correspondence is routed through FedEx and as of this time the address has not been updated with the latest delivery and is not known to FedEx. You are requested to contact FedEx and speak with a representative. You will receive a response from FedEx within five business days of inquiry.

“Thank you for your patience as we work through the very brief hold period.”

We did get the FedEx folks on the phone, and they were very apologetic and offered to solve the issue, but we asked them to fix it with the suggested solutions. They refused and they called it “the worst delivery problem since my graduation from Wake Forest.”

Who fixed the button that wouldn’t stop beeping? Good question. We think that’s a top tip to cut down on that early morning beeping. Either we’re lazy or we need more data from FedEx regarding the full letter. Maybe there’s a tiny safety hazard involved.

Meanwhile, Kathy and I have created a video to explain the issue. Check it out below.

What’s your explanation for the beeping button on our new t-shirt? Leave a comment and let us know!

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