Google search engine celebrates the life of American designer Altine ‘Tina’ Schinasi

Designer of the most popular 'cat eye' eyeglass frame

She was born on 4 August 1907 in Manhattan, New York 

Schinasi's artistic journey starts from manhattan street to paris

She further honed her artistic skills at The Art Students League in New York City

she was privilege of collaborating with artistic giants such as Salvador Dalí and George Grosz

Observing that women's eyeglasses were limited to round frames

she made groundbreaking idea for the "cat-eye" eyeglass frame

Inspired by the alluring shape of Harlequin masks worn during the Carnevale festival in Venice, Italy

eyeglasses swiftly gained popularity amongst us women's in 1930s &1940s

Her invention earned her significant recognition prestigious Lord & Taylor American Design Award in 1939

Vogue and Life also acknowledged her contribution to the world of fashion.

She also delved into filmmaking, producing a compelling documentary titled "George Grosz' Interregnum"

"The Road I Have Traveled," providing a glimpse into her extraordinary life journey

She also volunteered as an art therapist, using her creative talents to help others.