'Made in Heaven’ season 2

'Made in Heaven’ season 2 is designed to make you ask uncomfortable questions.

Those picture-perfect wedding albums don’t tell you everything.

MIH2 addresses everything from divorce, bigamy, extra-marital affairs, and the crazy landscape of casual relationships

The writing is sharp; long after you’ve finished watching the series,

it's unusual, unsettling, and designed to make you uncomfortable

MIH2 is also an inclusive show that peers into queer relationships alongside the struggles of a transgender girl

here’s a series that showcases multiple prem kahanis

It’s a world of high profile divorces, designer clothes, over the top parties, and mega mansions

But there’s also Jassi’s universe of a dingy house, bills to pay, and side hustles.

Then there’s the dynamic of Nadeem, the mechanic in love with a girl who wants to trade up

the series is lavish and alluring, a perfect backdrop for the drama of the brides, grooms, and their families

MIH2 is undoubtedly India’s best-looking show, something that was also true of Season 1

The one complaint I have about Made in Heaven 2 is that it took so long to come out (the first season released in 2020)

I wish it had released soon after the first season to make it a more compelling watch.